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2.            PIOUS ELEMENTS HM:

Floors are the most contaminated part of our houses , we walk around the lot of places in day time and our shoes come in contact with so many particles and dust, and we come back home with these negativities . Sometimes we come across with people with whom our ideas and vibrations don’t match and, we come home tired exhausted and unhappy. We come in contact with our loved ones at home so share these negative thoughts and feeling with our family and affect everyone at home and our house too.

PIOUS HM is a combination of 9 ingredients which are bactericidal in nature.

INGREDIENTS: Each 100 gm contains:

1.            Orange Peel (Citrus sinensis)                                        5 gm 
2.            Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus)                                5 gm
3.            Samudri Namak (Sea salt)                                            10 gm 
4.            Fitkari (Alum)                                                 
            15 gm
5.            Sendhanamak (Rock Salt)                                           20 gm 
6.            MeethaSoda (Baking Soda)                          
              10 gm
7.            SajjiKhar (Sodium bicarbonate)                  
               10 gm 
8.            Kapoor (Camphor)                                      
                 20 gm
9.            Samundri Sosh                                                
             10 gm


It is very useful for cleaning of floor or any surface. It kills bacteria and other microorganism, Sendha namak and Sfatika and Kapoor are best known for their remarkable vastu effects as they absorb negativity from your house. The geopathic affect also contributes much, the person living in these houses are affected much. Some early symptoms often experienced above these geopathic zones are related to restlessness, headachesinsomnia and fatigue. If you continue to stay in these areas especially during sleep, then in the long term the stresses on our bodies will emerge as more serious conditions.

While we are asleep our body should be resting so it can repair body cells, fight infections and absorb nutrients from food. However, if we sleep in an area affected by geopathic stress, our body has to use all its energy just to keep its vital organs going.

PIOUS HM balances the energies at home, thus help in creating clear and pious environment to live in. Even ants disappear from house after using it. It is very convenient to use, we sweep our floors daily, and we have to just put one tsp of this mixture in water while cleaning the floors can even clean any surface with it.

Direction: Take 2 tablespoons of the mixture; add it to the water to be used for mopping of the surface or floor. It can be used twice a week or daily for commercial places.

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Pious Elements HM

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