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  • Pious Elements Pack (Complete Pack for 40 days)

Pious Elements – A vedic way to beat pollution and an effort to keep you in harmony with nature's panchtatva (earth, water, fire, air and, sky).

It is a miniature of Agnihotra – and it can be performed daily with small quantity and little time. It helps people to fight the dreadful problem of pollution which is increasing day by day. In ancient times, herbs were used to purify the homes, for prenatal and post natal care and even for surgical procedures. Cabins were sterilized with fumes from certain medicinal plants to free the surface from all micro organisms.

There are several mentions in ancient books in regard to the use of herbs in purifying the environment. We have made an effort to combine all the useful medicinal plants together to give the maximum benefit to the mankind, along with basic ingredients of hawan. These all ingredients are picked in such a way that make them pure and pious and gives maximum health benefits to human being.

Pious Elements Pack contains:

1. Pious Elements:

A miniature of Agnihotra combustible material for daily yagya or pious sacred fire.

It is a combination of 52 herbs:- 27 herbs related to 27 nakshatras, 9 herbs related to navgraha, 5 panchgavya and 11 rakshaghan dravyas.

2. Pious Elements- HM:

For cleaning of floor or any surface, a combination of 9 ingredients which are bactericidal.

3. Pious oil:

Combination of 7 oils to illuminate your aura, strengthen your chakra and take care of your problems at mental, physical and emotional level.

4. Copper Hawan Kund: Anti- pyramid shape

5. Our blessings for your well being.

When we illuminate the Pious Elements mixture with a pure mind and a fresh match stick, chanting the holy mantra, the fumes emanating are bactericidal; that is they eradicate the bacteria and other micro organisms which are root cause of illness and diseases. These fumes also reduce the level of green house gases like nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and methane. It heals the ozone layer which is helpful for us, as it absorbs the U.V. rays from sunlight. When the fumes are inhaled, they clear the air passage and the lungs. It creates a shield around living being. Even the ash from the hawan seems to be having cleansing effect that is why it is a ritual to immerse the hawan ashes in the water. In many countries people use ash as soil treatment which has shown positive results.

When used daily for cleaning of houses or offices, Pious Elements- HM helps in destroying bacteria and virus.

Pious Oil helps in balancing and re-energizing chakras, creating a revitalized and rejuvenating effect on mind and body. When used daily it maintains the positive energy in soul and its surrounding for a prolonged life.


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Pious Elements Pack (Complete Pack for 40 days)

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