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It’s a miniature of AGNIHOTRA (illuminating herbs) - and can be performed daily with small quantity 4 - 5gm per day and little time. It is mixture of 52 natural herbs and ingredients having medicinal value. It is used for fumigation of the home.

Fumes generated from this are enriched with great medicinal properties and when inhaled clean your air passage and makes you feel refreshed and energized. Inhalation of medicinal fumes works on our procedure of panchkarma’s DHOOM VARTI where we make patient to inhale the fumes from medicinal herbs for various diseases.

I have picked the medicines in such a way that

  • 27 herbs correspond to 27 nakshartra
  • 9 Herbs correspond to 9 planets
  • 5  panchgavya, most precious and
  • pious elements on earth (Godugdh, Go dadhi, Go may, go muter, go ghrit)
  • Rakshoghan Dravya, which protect us from even the evil eyes affect and are helpful to give us positive energy.

Each 100 gm contains:

27 Herbs related to 27 NAKSHATRAS:

Katuki -                1 gm     Eranda -                 1 gm      Harsingar -           1 gm     Shunthi -                1 gm

Papita -                 1 gm     Inderjav -               1 gm      Vantulsi -              1 gm     Rasna -                  1 gm

Vidhara -              1 gm     Pudina -                  1 gm      Neem -                 1 gm     Dhaniya -              1 gm

Vidanga -             1 gm     Haridra -                 1 gm      Yavani -                1 gm     Amla -                   1 gm

Lodhra -               1 gm     Bhringraj -              1 gm      Bargad -               1 gm     Bakuchi -              1 gm

Kantkari -             1 gm     Punarnava -            1 gm      Lahsuna -             1 gm     Guduchi -              1 gm

Kalmegh -            1 gm     Sankhpushpi -        1 gm      Guggulu -             20 gm

9 Herbs related to NAVGRAHA:

Arka -                   1 gm     Palash -                  1 gm     Pipal -                    1 gm      Durva -                 1 gm 

Apamarg -            1 gm     Kusha -                  1 gm     Udumbar -              1 gm      Semal -                1 gm

Khadir -                1 gm



Go-may -             1 gm     Go-ghrita -            1 gm      Go-dugdha -         1 gm         Go-dadhi -            1 gm      

Go-mutra -           2 gm



Chawal -              1 gm     Til -                        1 gm       Jatamansi -          2 gm       Tagar -                    2 gm

Devdaru -            2 gm     Satloban -               1 gm       Chandan -            1 gm       Raal -                     7 gm    

Aam -                  1 gm     Jaggery -                1 gm        Kapoor -              20 gm



The fumes emanate from the simple process of fumigation (i.e. illuminating the mixture with a fresh match stick reciting the holy mantra). My hard work lies at developing the mixture which is ignited easily and no woman has to light a cow dung cake or a coal, most of the women are working and they don’t have so much time. So I have tried to make it user friendly. You have to just ignite the material and it catches fire easily, keep stirring the material in between so that the mixture lying below should be ignited properly, after the combustion is over the fumes start getting out of it.


With fire the air becomes light and goes upwards so lightening the environment and giving us a fresh and healthy environment to breathe.

The fire consumes the moisture of the environment, converts carbon dioxide gas present in the atmosphere into formaldehyde gas and oxygen. Formaldehyde is a gas which kills harmful bacteria and virus and purifies the environment.

Neem, Giloy, Guggulu, Kapoor, Haridra etc. are natural antibiotic herbs, the fumes evens act on mosquitoes and fleas.

The fumes thus generated are bactericidal. These fumes reduce the level of green house gases like Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide and methane. It heals the ozone layer which is helpful for us as it absorbs the UV rays from Sunlight. When the fumes are inhaled they clear the Air passage and the lungs. Even the ash has cleansing effect that is why it is a ritual to immerse the hawan ashes in the water. In many countries people use ash as soil treatment which has shown positive results. The ashes obtained are biodegradable and they can be used as manure.


The laboratory analysis has been done after performing these.



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