References from various experiments :

Air touches the fire, gets purified and becomes lighter in nature. So this light air goes up and replaces the cold/ the impure air and this process continues (as we studied in geography ; how the lighter air from the plains replace the heavier air from the poles ....

Mango wood which when burnt releases FORMIC ALDEHYDE a gas which kills harmful bacterias thus purifies the atmosphere as per the research of (scientist TRELLO from FRANCE). It is then scientists made FORMALIN from formic aldehyde gas which is used to preserve the fruits, vegetables and species in the medical laboratories.

A scientist TAUTLIK found that if we stay in a place where havan is being performed for ½ an hour the germs of typhoid fever are killed.

The cow’s ghee the very important ingredient of havan has been referred as an antidote to the poison in VEDAS. Its fragrance purifies the physical atmosphere. Ghee when burnt in fire goes up in the atmosphere and the fat particles get laden on the dust particles in the atmosphere (somewhat similar to the stickiness on the objects in the kitchen) and comes back to the earth in form of rain thus nourishes the vegetation on the mother earth.

Dr. Shirowic a RUSSIAN SCIENTIST says that if cow’s ghee is put in fire its smoke will lessen the effect of radiation in the atmosphere to a great extent.

when burnt causes rain and purify the atmosphere. {SAMVEDA MANTRA 534}

It is giving back to the atmosphere what we have taken from the atmosphere. The aromatic herbs when burnt remove the foul odor in the atmosphere by their fragrance.

As per the research conducted by Dr. Kundan lal M.D. in allopathic medicine found that no bacteria was killed when 1 k.g. of mango wood was burnt in a closed room but when the same was burnt with havan samigri the bacterial count was reduced by 94% (chander shekhar nautiyal)head of the division studying plant- microbe interaction. The air sample even after 24 hrs.showed that bacteria count was lower by 96%. So havan is helpful to prevent air born infections like T.B. and other viral infections.

Prof. Tilward says that fumes of havan kills the bacteria of T.B., Measeles, Cow pox, Small pox.

As it is said that basis of food is EARTH and basis of earth is WATER and basis of water is AIR and if air is pure; everything would be pure. Even the ash from the havan seems to be having cleansing effect that is why it is a ritual to immerse the havan ashes in the water. EAST EUROPIAN countries use ash as soil treatment which has shown positive results.

Agnihotra has been found an effective method to reduce the FUNGAL load in small office or room. As per the experiments conducted the havan fire smoke has the potency to kill fungi like Aspergillus, Penicillium, Curvuleria and cladosporium etc. (Earth environmental science) in June 2007 in Acrobiolagia A Journal published in NETHERLAND.

The oxidation of hydrocarbons in (ghee and oils found in dry fruits) produce formic acid and acetic acid (vinegar) used to preserve food material.

Heal the atmosphere with medicines and the healed atmosphere will heal you

DR. Hafkin says that inhaling the fumes of havan from distance induces secretions from certain glands related to wind pipe that fills our mind and heart with relaxation.

The use of carbon dioxide as CEREBRAL STIMULANT suffering from lack of ventilation (mouth to mouth breathing technique) is a common practice in medical world. Similarly carbon dioxide produced in HAVAN is at a very slow pace and then this smoke is rich with the AROMA of all the material burnt in it acts as stimulant to the BRAIN and the same carbon dioxide is used by the plants also. This was published as YAJNA’S SCIENTIFIC INTERPRETATION (an article published in the proceedings of ashawmedha yajna held in Montreal CANADA 26-28 July 1996).

The chemical reaction which takes place during the burning of Ingredients during the process of HAVAN is as----

Co2 +h2o +112,000 cal----àhcho +o2

Carbon dioxide +water+112,000 cal---àformaldehyde +oxygen

So, to large extent carbon dioxide is converted into oxygen by havan.

While performing the ritual of HAVAN it has to be kept in mind that there should absolute combustion of the material in the havan samigri to tap the maximum benefit of the havan.

Other than purifying the atmosphere Havan has the capacity to influence the local rains

Havan smoke is like inhalation therapy derived from AYURVEDA and as described above it relaxes the mind and heals the body and has positive effects spiritually too because of the holy verses (mantras) chanted during the havan.